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Como to Varese

We are staying in Cernobbio for 3 nights in 3 weeks and want to visit Varese and Lozza because my mother's family comes from that area. Should we hire a car for a day or is public transport availabl/easy to organise?

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Using the website I just looked up the route from Cernobbio to Varese. This website shows the route and location on a map. It also gives you directions on how to get there. Looks like about a 47 minute drive. I did not look at Lozza. The only info I could find on trains would be departing Como and takes about 2 hrs. to Varese going through Milan. Maybe one of the other posters can find a better route. Have fun!

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Just for your own convenience you might want to rent a car for the day. There are buses, but I have no idea how frequently they run, plus that is just a neat area to drive around. Cernobbio is beautiful, especially if you go up into the hills. Varese is a large town, but it does have a pretty historic center. The only issue would be parking in Cernobbio, so I suggest picking the car up in Como and dropping it the same day as well.

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Thank you both. we will probably hire a car and if I need it I have parking booked at the Hotel Miralago. I am really looking forward to visiting the area and investigating the Bernacchi family and exploring local cemetaries and archives. Gracie