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Como & Rome trip- book it separate or by travel website?

Hi everyone. Everything was coming together for my August honeymoon (with everyones help that is). We decided on Hotel Paba in Rome and had two back ups available (Hotel Giardino and Morpheus B&B). For Como we chose Hotel Quarcino. Just yesterday fiance said we should look into booking the flight and hotels together through expedia because it is cheaper. It saves about $250 USD but Rick's hotels are not on the websites as much- Paba isnt. With Como it doesnt matter really because he doesnt focus on the actual town of Como in his book- just surrounding vilages. What do yall think- go with our original plan or look to expedia? What have your experiences been with the site? He likes the convenience of it but I just dont know. Any help is truly appreceiated. (We would also love hotel reviews over the few I listed!)
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Andrea: You're asking us for an opinion so I say go with the original plan. BTW, you mentioned the town of Como, you don't want to stay in the town of Como but rather in the mid-lake villages. Some first timers make the mistake of thinking the town of Como is the same as Rick's descriptions of the Lake Como experience in his books and TV shows but it isn't even close: stay in one of the midlake villages: Varenna, Bellagio or Menaggio.