Colosseum Underground Tour

Many thanks to Donna whose advice helped me call for tickets to the "Underground" tour when using the Roma Pass. I called and after a difficult conversation for me and the poor Italian phone representative I was given a confirmation number for my tour. Since I was asked for my email address I assumed I would receive some sort of confirmation to take with me - but so far no email. Should I expect an email confirmation? Nancy

Posted by Don
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Donna is always a good reliable resource on this site......I'll add my thanks to Donna!

Posted by donna
cranberry twp, PA, United States
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Thank you both for the kind words. I'm glad I can help. Nancy, check your spam folder to see if the email is there. If not, call them back and have them resend it. You can also ask them for the confirmation number so that if you still don't get the email you'll have the number which they can look up onsite. Donna

Posted by Nancy
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Thanks one again Donna, I knew I could count on you. I will call them again next week. Between my "American" accent and poor Italian and the telephone representatives Italian accent and passable English we were having quite a hard time communicating. Note to self, do not choose email addresses with B,P,T,E or A,J,K - with our accents difficult to tell what we are saying! LOL