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Colosseum underground

Any info on tickets for the Colosseum underground? Should we purchase a tour and is that the only way to get to the underground? My son took a tour of the colosseum in 2019 but I guess it didn't include the underground. Are tickets hard to get? Should we buy on line? Years ago it was necessary to reserve tickets to the Vatican Necropolis well in advance, so maybe this is the case Any advice would be very helpful, I would hate to miss the opportunity

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I have done an underground Colosseum tour before in years past, but now there appears to be a new and improved version, with access to newly reconstructed parts of the animal cage level. I need tickets for late October, but if I'm reading the official website correctly, tickets are only on sale through September right now. I think you will need a tour of some kind to visit this level, but when you look online, keep scrolling down until you find the official site, with the word COOP. There may be multiple companies offering tours, but the official one will come with a much lower price. That said, we did a good one a few years ago with Walks of Italy that combined the Forum with the Colosseum and had an excellent guide.

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Ruth, We also need tickets for late Oct between 14 and 18....I did get to the COOP. I'll just keep checking for Oct to open. Thank you and Happy Travels to Italy

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For what it’s worth, we did the Underground tour back in December 2012. I know, policies can change, and in almost 9 years, that’s a lot of time allowing changes to be enacted. But a tour was required back then to do the Underground part, as well as to stand on the floor-level platform and look up into the seats. We just showed up, unannounced, and an Underground tour was going to happen in about 15 minutes, so we waited as others arrived and bought tickets, either for the regular Colosseum entrance, or for the Underground tour.

Underground is definitely the way to go!

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Adding to the pile here...

Hmmm. Coopculture has overhauled its websites sometime over the past few days! Hopefully, that'll make it easier to use...although I see some of the verbiage in English is still a bit confusing!

Yes, you can only access the underground with a guide, either provided by coopculture or hired independently. If your main interest is the Colosseum underground, this is the coopculture ticket you want as it provides a guide who will provide an educational narrative.

Hard to know what crowds will look like when you go but the coopculture underground tours have historically been a hot ticket so I'd book as soon as they go on sale for the month of your visit.

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This forum is great!! Thanks to Ruth, Cyn and Kathy I received the answers I needed. With so many tickets knowing the right one for us was wonderful. I will book asap. If anyone is interested, I did fine the information on the Vatican Necropolis tour I would be glad to pass it on

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Hi everyone,

I'm also going to Rome this October and have been stalking the CoopCulture site multiple times a day for Colosseum tickets :)
I sent a few emails, and finally got a response this morning from

Dear customer,
We suggest you to check our website between the end of August and the beginning of September 21.

Personally, I will still be checking daily, because I have a specific date to visit. But I hope this helps my fellow October 2021 visitors.

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Yes Bri very helpful glad they sent you an answer, that helps so many of us. Now we can all think about what to pack weather wise! Love it, can't wait