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Colosseum tours and ticketing

Hello all, I'm wondering about your experiences on Colosseum tours? I'm speaking specifically about the English tours offered on the CoopCulture/official site, not your experiences with external tour groups.

So I woke up early on Monday to buy tickets for October. My #1 choice of the Belvedere/Underground Tour in English was not an option, and neither was my second choice of just the underground. I purchased two tickets for the Belvedere tour in English. Yay!

I know that tickets are sometimes unexpectedly released, and on a whim this morning I checked availability for our dates. There were a few tickets available for the Underground tour in English - ACK! Since this is something important to me, I purchased the tickets despite already having Belvedere tickets. Due to the timing, the tours overlap so attending both is not an option.

I plan on reaching out the to Coop to let them know we won't be using the Belvedere tickets. I fully understand there is not a refund option, but if this allows another duo to enjoy the experience I'd want that to happen. Also, giving extra funds to a historic site is something I have no qualms about.

I suppose my question is this: has this happened to anyone else, and what did you do about it? The tour times are 11AM for Belvedere and 12:00pm for Arena on the same day. I expect that I could not attend 30 minutes of the Belvedere and then hop in line for the Arena tour? If you've attended both tours, would you agree with me that I should go with the Arena tour when choosing?

bonus kinda embarrassing question: In this instance is "Belvedere" pronounced the American way "bell-ve-DEER" or is the second part of the word the Italian "vedere"(to see) so it's more "bel-ve-DARE-eh" (approximate).

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