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Colosseum Tickets

I have been looking at getting my Colosseum tickets, however it is only allowing reservations for 30 days out. I have seen some people say that changed when they stopped selling tickets at the Colosseum and went to online tickets only. Does anyone know if that is true? Does anyone know if pre-Covid, could you buy tickets more than 30 days in advance? Just wondering if the 30 days benchmark has always been like that or should I keep my eye on things in case it changes. Thanks

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In 2020 i was able to buy tickets further out, due to covid they have stopped that but it may change. we are going again in May and i keep checking every week just in case

We are going in September 2022; I am checking weekly and seems like that you can buy tickets like 1 or 2 weeks before your visit. I will suggest to keep checking; things can change. As Rick says: "keep on traveling".

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Coopculture changed their ticket release schedules so often for awhile pre-COVID that it was difficult to keep up with. Tickets for general entry and tours could released on specific days, at specific times, for the next day, the next week, the next two weeks, the next 3 months, etc. and those specified days were not consistent. To land slots in the high-demand underground tours, people in the US were getting up in the middle of the night to try and have a crack at them the minute they went on sale (usually early in the morning, Rome time) as they could sell out very, very quickly.

Some past examples; the website has been updated since so don't use for current info:

As tickets very recently have only been available for purchase 7 days out (may have been a COVID-related thing) that they are now available 30 days out is a good example of how things can change. My hunch is that it may change again as it gets even closer to high season so, yes, watch the website.