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Colosseum in Rome Reaervations

We are going to Rome in April and would like to make reservations for the coliseum underground tour and the upper level panorama view. We are having a hard time determining when the reservation window opens for April. We have read several conflicting things on the website at coopculture - like the calendars open quarterly. On the first of the month and on the first Monday of the month or periodically through the month. Needless to say we are confused and don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to see these two areas of the colosseum. As of now All of March is fully booked aside from a few single openings here and there. Can anyone help! We tried calling the reservation number at coopculture and got put on hold then disconnected after a few minutes.

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We used Walks of Italy to book our Rome tours for later this year. If you go to their website they do have available dates for April listed.

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I too am waiting for April tickets to open up. Booking directly is about 1/3 of the price of third party sites. Just wish I knew when April was opening up.

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Can someone please post the official web link for the reservaton?

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This is for Walks of Italy Go on their website to get more information.

There is also The Roman Guy (the prices are in Eur on their site, but if you go to the top, you can change it to reflect your currency; i.e. USD)

Direct on the Colosseo website: (For this site, click on what you'd like to visit, scroll down to the calendar. It will display the month, days and times available.) It looks as if it's sched through end of March. I'm sure they'll put up April and a few following months soon.

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Our mystery is still when April will become available. I guess we are destined to check everyday taking into account for the 6 hour time difference.

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"I guess we are destined to check everyday taking into account for the 6 hour time difference."

Yes, that's the best you can do. Unfortunately, the answer to "when do reservations open?" is, "reservations will open when they open, and not before."