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Climb Inside the Piacenza Duomo (1122 AD) until July 7

Anyone near the very pleasant city of Piacenza in June should consider taking advantage of an excellent show in the Piacenza Duomo called I Misteri della Cattedrale. It features a guided climb (130 ft. up) through the innards of the Duomo (1122 AD) to see the 1627 cupola frescoes of the artist Guercino up close. It is combined with a show about the Duomo's scriptorium and the significant holdings of the Piacenza-Bobbio diocese which include the famous Master's Codex 65 and a document signed by Charlemagne among many others. The website is

It's a wonderful opportunity and we were not sorry we made a special trip to this lovely city to see it.. The affair lacks English on the exhibits, but the guides do their best to comment in English on the building tour. You have to buy your tickets ahead for a specific time slot. There's English in the lower half of this tickets page: Note that the show's entrance is around the back of the Duomo and the path to it is spottily signed.

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