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Civita di Bagnoregio

I will be in Rome for 5 days during the summer of 2011. Is it worth a day to go to Civita di Bagnoregio? If so, how do you get there? And what is there to do there?

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I wouldn't recommend Civita as a day trip from Rome unless you rent a car. Using public transportation requires a combination of train to Orvieto and bus to Civita, but you must time schedules carefully and it will chew up a good part of your day. By renting a car, you'll have sufficient time to combine Civita with a visit to Orvieto or another nearby town or your choice. Civita is very small with only a few sights to see (the town and its location are the real stars) and 2 hours should be adequate for the Civita part of your day trip.

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Winslow, I agree completely with Frank. That's NOT an ideal day trip from Rome, even WITH a car. Using public transport you would have to take the train to Orvieto and then Bus to Bagnoregio. When you arrive there, a small Shuttle transports passengers to the base of the small bridge that leads to Civita. ¶ If you have enough time, spending a couple of nights in Orvieto is the best way for a visit to Civita di Bagnoregio. ¶ As mentioned, the "star" is the town itself. There's really nothing to do there except look around the town and try to learn the details of the interesting history, which goes back to Estruscan times. Having a fine hot meal at Antico Forno or one of the other small establishments is always nice (Franco, the owner, is always interesting to talk with). ¶ If you DO decide to visit Civita, you'll have to plan your transportation carefully and ALLOW FOR THE UNEXPECTED! I found that out "the hard way", but that's another story. Happy travels!

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Definately worth the visit - but not a day trip from Rome! Safe Travels!

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If you're looking for a nice day trip from Rome, I would highly suggest Orvieto. It's a great little town with a variety of things to see & do. It's approximately 90 minutes outside of Rome by train.

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Not worth it. We were there this June. It worked out OK for us because we were staying near Orvieto, and we had a car. There really is nothing to do there. Your best bet is to enjoy everything that Rome has to offer, and save the traveling for another date. If you really have to "get outa Dodge" take the train to Orvieto for the day.

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I agree with previous poster[INVALID]go to Orvieto for a daytrip. On a trip to Italy in 2007 we went to Civita and Orvieto. Were staying in Umbria and had a car though. We enjoyed seeing Civita but doesn't take long to see. Enjoyed lunch here before heading to Orvieto which we loved. Buon Viaggio!