I have the bus times from orvieto to civita. Is there any information on the shuttle times from bus station to the foot bridge of Civita? Ricks book only says 1-2 time per hour. There any info on the actual times at all. Trying to plan so we dont have to wait long for a shuttle. Also Rick mentions the driver on siesta in afternoon, what do yo do duribg those times besides walk? Is there any taxi from Civita back to Orvieto? I see you can taxi from Orvieto to Civita but how about going back? Do you call the cab company back in Orvieto for pickup or any in Civita to go back?

Posted by Ken
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Robert, I'm assuming the times you have are for the Cotral Bus from Orvieto to Bagnoregio? You'll probably have to wait until you get to Bagnoregio to determine the times for the small Shuttle. One-two times per hour is about what I remember, and I can tell you from experience that the Shuttle DOES take a "siesta" in the afternoon. If the Shuttle isn't running, you could also walk back to Bagnoregio (about 20-30 minutes depending on your speed). There is no Taxi from Civita back to Orvieto AFAIK, and if there was it would likely be quite expensive (as would a Taxi from Orvieto to Civita). You should be able to get a Taxi from the base of the bridge at Civita to Bagnoregio, but the Taxi will likely be based in Bagnoregio. As I recall, there are several small shops at the base of the bridge, so if they're open you could ask someone to call a Cab. Be sure to post a Trip Report when you get back, as I'm sure the information will be helpful for others here. Happy travels!

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Robert: Just rent a Hertz car for the day. The office is across the street from the Orvieto train station. It's about a 1/2 hour trip down to Civita. You could also go west a short distance to Lago di Bolsena to get back into Orvieto.
It's absolutely beautiful countryside.

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Thanks Ken. Yeah I have the Cortal times. Don't know how we would feel walking back, good to know about the stores at the base and possibly having a taxi from the base back to Bagnoregio incase the shuttle isn't running. I writing that on the guidebook page as a note on the side. I will definately post a trip report when we get back. Our trip isn't to septemebr but I learned a lot from replies to my questions on here. Can't plan early enough, want to get most of that out of the way now. David - I was trying to stay away from renting a car on this trip and driving around. But that is always an option at least for this part. I'll consider that option to

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Do be aware there are 1001 'Civitas' in Italy if you are programming a GPS or searching for info on the Internet, so use the full name in those cases ;-)

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We have been to Italy 14 times and have rented a car only once (for four days): to do Tuscan hilltowns including Civita. We drove through the town of Bolsena (on Lago di Bolsena) and it looked like a spot I'd really enjoy stopping in. Not sure it's worth getting the international driver's license and so forth for a one-day car rental, but it would certainly mean less wasted time.

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Robert - I lived in Civita di Bagnoregio for a summer, and believe me, you don't need a car or a taxi to get there. (A taxi will cost you 50 Euro + tip... and that's just one way.) You can catch a COTRAL bus from Orvieto Scalo (between the train station and the funicular), or Piazza Cahen (at the 'top' of the funicular station). Here's a COTRAL schedule: The departures from Orvieto to Bagnoregio are on page 11, and buses from Bagnoregio to Orveito are on page 4. The bus ride takes 30-50 minutes, depending on the time of day and the driver. When you get off in Bagnoregio, you'll be in a little piazza with a parking lot and basketball court. You'll see a little bus shelter with a sign that says "Bus navetta per Civita." The shuttle will not pick you up here... I don't know why, that's just how it is. There's really only one road in Bagnoregio, so head up the hill that goes behind the gas station and tourist shop, and take a left at the fork. Follow that road until it ends, and then BAM! you see Civita. As you head down the hill toward the bridge, you'll come to a little cluster restaurants; this area is called Mercatello, and you CAN catch the elusive shuttle bus here on the way back to Bagnoregio. There is a sign with shuttle times (it might be kind of hidden by the trees/shrubs) by the Osteria del Ponte. It's right by the "no parking" sign that abuts the ramp into the osteria. For some reason the shuttle takes people up the hill, back to Bagnoregio, but not vice versa. I have no idea why, but it should cost you about 70 cents, and it will drop you back in Bagnoregio by the "Bus Navetta" shelter. The news shop with the awning that reads "ART. REGIONALE / EDICOLA / CARTOLERIA" sells bus tickets to get you back to Orvieto.