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Circumvesuviana train

Hello, we’re traveling from Rome to Sorrento in Oct. taking the express Trenitalia from Rome to Naples. Is the Circumvesuviana train from Naples safe? I read many bad reviews. People have suggested bus or boat. I would appreciate any replies. Thank you

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Can you keep an hand on your wallet/purse and an eye on your suitcases during the all travel if the train is crowded? If you can it's safe, otherwise there is a risk of being pick-pocketed by the sweet octogenarian dressed as if it was Sunday and standing behind you.
Nobody has ever been mugged on the Circum, they don't want to go to prison. It's been the first train I've been allowed to ride by myself when I was a 10 years old.

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I don't think it's any worse than a lot of commuter or metro trains I've had to ride on. Use your common sense and keep your wits about you and you should be fine.

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I took the ferry from Naples to Sorrento and the Circumvesuviana back to Naples. The ferry was more enjoyable but the train provides a bit of local color, and it can be crowded, so keep your hand on your purse at all times. Both methods are safe. You cannot beat the price of the train. It is also handy for visiting Pompeii from Sorrento. Have fun.

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if you want to scare yourself then keep looking online and you can find plenty of "bad reviews"

We've taken the train several times over the years. I would not put my luggage near a doorway. But riding it felt perfectly safe. On the way to Sorrento sit on the right side to get the good views out the window.

I'm assuming you are traveling the way RS recommends, one carry-on sized bag per person. If you have several suitcases per person you are lugging onto the train then perhaps it becomes harder to use this train.

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I assume you're going to Pompeii? If so, it's not worth stressing over such a short ride - locals use it every day and plenty of tourists. I took the "C" to and from Pompeii, no issues.

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Since you're travelling in October, I'm assuming the Campania Express may not be running as it stops service in mid-October - .

The Circumvesuviana is "safe" in my opinion albeit a bit "colourful" with graffiti covered cars and some interesting local characters. Be sure to watch your luggage and wear money belts. It's a commuter train so nothing fancy. Sorrento is the last stop on the line. Note that there are a couple of different Circumvesuviana lines, so be sure to board the right one. There's a chart on this website that shows all the lines and stops - .

After reading all this, if the private transfer is starting to look more attractive, you can contact this service for an estimate - .

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My wife and I were staying in Piano Di Sorrento and we used the Circumvesuviana several times a day for our entire ten-day holiday. We never felt unsafe in the slightest.

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Use the Campania Express. Its definitely better and safer in my opinion ( I have used both) and the Campania Express is better controlled so you will never be crowded, not to mention is faster. Definitely look into if you have concerns, worth the few extra bucks.

You are welcome ;)