Cinque Terre Wine

I have heard that the Cinque Terre produces great wine. Has anyone been to a winery in this area? Are there any wine tours available? Please advice.

Posted by JS
Bay Area
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The wine is fine for table wine however do not expect the quality or variety that we enjoy in California. Remember not everyone has the same taste. In CT try the pesto sauce it is made so differently and better than any I have made or purchased in California.

Posted by Kristin
Bellevue, WA, USA
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It's known for white wine, and the quality can vary -- visit one of the very good enotecas (wine shops) for reliable information. Corniglia is the town best known for wine, so if you're into that, I would start there. I don't think much wine is actually made in the Cinque Terre anymore, as tourism has taken over as the dominant industry.

Posted by Corin
Chico, Ca, USA
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Hello, We traveled to the Cinque Terre last September and helped with the local grape harvest! Definitely wine is still produced there. Wineries are tiny by California standards. We made our arrangements through the protectcinqueterre web site.

Posted by Maricela
La Verne, CA, USA
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Thank you for the info on I wish I would have know about it sooner we already have our dates confirmed but definitely next time.