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Cinque Terre: which village to choose?

Hello everyone,
I will be spending two days in Cinque Terre. I am planning this a bit last minute as I should be arriving there August 19. I tried booking at Hotel Pasquale in MOnterosso but its fully booked. I was also looking at places in Levanto, which is not part of the five villages, but according to the hotel description very close and a good starting point. What do you think? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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At this "late date" it might be difficult getting a booking in the Cinque Terre. However, you won't know until you try.

My suggestion would be to focus on Riomaggiore or Manarola, as they're a bit smaller - book as soon as possible though! Vernazza seems to be popular with tour groups, although you might find something available? Corniglia is somewhat "off the radar" with many travellers, so that might also be a good choice?

As a last resort, you might consider the "official" C.T. Hostel which is in Manarola. It's clean and well run, but there is a "lockout" during the day which I find a bit annoying. You could also check Mar-Mar Rooms in Riomaggiore or La Torretta in Manarola.

Your best bet to find something quickly would be to get a copy of Rick's "Italy 2007" at your local Library or book store and E-mail some of the lodgings listed. You could try Phone as a last resort, although there might be a "language issue".

Good luck!

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Thanks a lot Ken! I will be looking into the places you have suggested.

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Stephanie....We stayed in Vernazza in Toninno Basso;s rooms at the top of the town. He only has four rooms and probably is completely booked, However he has an email and maybe he could help you find a room. Get a copy of Rick Steves' book on Italy and look at his website. If you could snag a room in Toninno Basso's rooms, you would love it. Air-conditioned and a computer in each room for your use . Very contemporary and clean. Very nice. Free apples each day and a great restaurant right beside it--Il Pirata.

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I stayed in Levanto in May and it was very convenient to the CT and a nice beach town.

I stayed at the Garden Hotel.

I also took a boat down to Portovenere and Lerici at the opposite end of the CT ("the Golf of Poets")and thought if I return I would want to stay in one of those lovely towns.

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thanks to everyone for your help! i was able to book in Vernazza at albergo Vernazza. Grazie!

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we are staying in riomaggiiore sept 18-25. If you can't find a place I know few that might still be available...just booked our apartment today....,
also, might contact;, we are staying in her apt. #8, in rio., over the sea, great view...good luck