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Cinque Terre - Staying in Volastra?

After putting a request through to the website, I am receiving offers from different hotels for the dates I need. One offer is from B&B Il Vigneto (, which is in Volastra. They describe Volastra as "in between Corniglia and Manarola" and explain how to use the bus or hike to get to the main trail between the other 5 villages. The only thing Rick's guidebook says about Volastra is that you should "ask locally about the more difficult six-mile inland hike to Volastra." Has anyone on this forum been there? How convenient/inconvenient would Volastra be? My husband and I do like to hike, and we have two full days to spend in the Cinque Terre. The hotel's website suggests that Volastra feels a bit more "authentic" because it was a medieval sanctuary. Would it be an interesting detour or would we be missing the main action?

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I have been to Cinque Terre, and done the hike between the 5 villages. Parts can be a little difficult, depending on your age and shape! Since you only have 2 days,I would recommend staying in one of the 5 villages, they definitely are "authentic"! And they are a lot of fun. I personally stay in Vernazza, and am going back in May for my 3rd time.

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Catherine, there is nothing in Volestra except an ancient church, beautiful as it is, Volestra is way above the Cinque Terre and away from the beautiful coastline. The walk/hike between Corniglia and Manarola goes through Volestra and is spectacular, goes through vineyards, but I wouldn't stay there.

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Another vote here for Vernazza. It is a magical place and we hope to return--definitely our favorite of the 5 towns and we hiked them all.

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We stayed at Steno Veno, A RS rec, I think was the name in 2001 and loved it. It's located in Monterossa, the most northerly village. I don't think Vernazza has any hotels, only rooms? We loved Monterossa for it beautful setting and fun restaurants. Steno? was a great hotel too situated up on the hillside but a handy quaint walk to village center or beach. We walked the trails and took boats back. Chinque Terra is great fun and not to be missed.

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I would recommend staying in either Vernazza or Monterosso. The hike between the two is absolutely amazing, since you like to hike. You would definitely be missing the "main action" if you stay in Volastra/Volestra, which I hadn't even heard of.

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I think Craig may be referring to Villa Steno in Monterosso. We stayed there as well and would definitely recommend it. We lucked out and were upgraded to a very large room. (I think it was #9). Sorry, I'm not familiar with Volastra either.