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Cinque Terre private marriage ceremony planning

My fiance and I want to celebrate our upcoming marriage with a private ceremony during our stay in Monterosso al Mare. The ideal day would consist of a vow exchange at a scenic location and a special romantic dinner. Thing is, while I'd love to hire a planner, the soon to be husband insists on a DIY approach, as we'll have no guests, no need for paperwork and no need for a religious blessing. I'm looking for tips on location scouting for the vow exchange and dinner, finding a photographer to capture our little event and general advice from anyone who has done this before. Thanks

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Before every one descends with the usual getting married in italy caveats, it sounds like you are going to be legally married somewhere else at some future date. Correct?

If you are going to be in the CT for more than one day, I'd suggest some scouting when you arrive for the location. What may seem perfect for one of us may not be so great for you.

You may get a bunch of restaraunt suggestions or you can ask folks when you get there.

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Yes, that's correct. We'll be heading to the justice of the peace in California before we head for Italy.

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I would recommend Vernazza (the castle on the waterfront) in this quant town of about 200-400. We stayed in Monterossa and while nice, Vernazza is like Pinocchio's village in Disneyland. Google the Vernazza area for images, but I suggest you also scout the area (only 5 miles total). But Vernazza is magical at sunset.

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Were you planning to have someone to officiate and handle the vow exchange? Also, how were you planning to find a Photographer and what budget did you have in mind?

You'll probably find more "upscale" restaurants in Monterosso al Mare than in Vernazza.