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Cinque Terre Hotels, B&B and Apartments

We are booked at Scorci di Mare for one night in Riomaggiore. We will also be there in late August. The room only has a window but it overlooks the marina, thus sea view. I am reading that in some places the train station is quite a trek to hotels. The apartment we rented concerns me a bit because even though the reviews are awesome, having to set a specific time to meet an owner is worrisome and the dropping off of luggage since we will be arriving by 10 AM.

We looked at the bed and Breakfasts in Monterosso Locanda Maestrall and Il Giardino Incantato as well as Hotel Margharita. They all have openings at the moment, but the first two provide no outdoor seating or view from the room, and the Hotel Margharita does have a patio, but overlooks the street as well. We just don't know what to do! Has anyone been to any of these hotels or B&B's? We also just want to make the most of our experience for the short time we are there - i night Sometimes the room does come in to play. Thanks for any advice.

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If you don't hear from anyone who has stayed in these properties...

I don't know as anyone can tell you what to do as individual criteria for hotel stays are all different. Having taken a look at all of them (and we've stayed in Monterosso but at a different hotel I'd choose again) my choice would be Il Giardino Incantato. Having SOME outdoor space - shared or private, garden or terrace - is important to us in a setting such as the CT (just a window doesn't cut it) and that B&B is seeing exceptional reviews. The garden - candlelit in evenings, reviews say - appears to be isolated from street/passerby traffic, which is nice.

Figure you're going to spend the bulk of your daylight hours away from the hotel so you can catch sea views elsewhere, and do that outdoors where it's more fun anyway. If you are concerned about having to trek your luggage yourself, all of these accommodations look to be a 15-minute walk from a train station but several guests mention having taken a taxi to Il Giardino Incantato. The CT as a whole is not a luggage-friendly place if they're large and/or heavy, and most accommodations do not have lifts. :O)

But if a sea view from the room is important to you, then keep what you have.

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hey marketing
it will a busy time then. look if has anything or check and put in your filters. maybe you can come up with something that will suit you for your time there. happy travels

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We stayed at Il Giardino Incantato last September. It was marvelous. A beautiful garden in which marvelous breakfast was served. The room was immaculate and the hosts were willing to do anything to help. Fausto's home-made limoncino... you can't go wrong.