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Cinque Terre...

Has anyone visited Cinque Terre in just one day? We are a family of 8 and only have time to do a day trip. We would like to do some hiking...but I think we might have to take a boat as well, since we don't have too much time. Any suggestions of the best way to see Cinque Terre in one day? Thank you!

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We did the Cinque Terre in one day in August. We were traveling with extended family of 11 and various family units did different things. We arrived via train in Riomaggiore probably about 10AM. We bought CT cards and all of us walked through town. My brother's family then started the hike-they hiked the whole way to Monterosso and arrived there about 6 PM (and had snacked and eaten lunch at restaurants). My family and parents walked to Manarola, then walked through Manarola and did the vineyard walk described in RS book. That walk was fabulous. We ate lunch and swam in Manarola. Then we walked to Corniglia (my parents took the train and met us), stayed briefly, and all took the train to Vernazza. Time there for gelato, wine and shopping. From there we took the boat to Monterosso, arrived there also about 6PM, swam briefly and caught the train back to Chiavari (our "home base" in Liguria) about 7 PM. A long day, but good, and we felt we had seen/done a lot.

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You can do a one-day as described above. Assuming that you may be in Florence, it's 2.5hrs to the CT and 2.5hrs to return. If you want to hike the trails, get off in Riomaggiore, buy the tickets (as described above) and begin. The trail along the sea from Riomaggiore to Manorola takes about 25 minutes. It's not a hike; it's a walk. It's all flat. You can see both towns. Then, you can take the trail walk from Manorola to the train station at Cornigila. This takes about 40 minutes. You can either mini-bus up to Corniglia or take the train to Vernazza. The trail from Corniglia to Vernazza will take about 2hrs and is a hike. You might get more time to visit Vernazza by taking the train. Finally, take the train to Monterosso. The trail between Vernazza and Monterosso is a bit more difficult. Now you've seen all five towns. You still may have time to take the ferry from Monterosso to Portevenere and take the bus back to the La Spezia train station.