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Cinque Terre - budget accommodations

I will be backpacking through Europe and I want to experience the Cinque Terre. I realize that this is a rather popular area, so I do not expect there to be too much in terms of discount accommodations.

That being said, does anyone have any recommendations for inexpensive places to stay? Thank you in advance!

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Rick Steves book on Italy has some great suggestions on budget accomodations in C.T. Although most were taken when I requested reservations, I was directed to a place by a hotel that was booked. Rick also lists hostels that might interest you. Check it out at your local book store.

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Steven, you didn't indicate which time of year you would be travelling in the C.T.? Also, which village were you planning to stay in?

Have you had a look at the "official" C.T. Hostel in Manarola? That's about the most "budget" of the accomodations in that area. It's a good Hostel, but be advised they have a strict Lockout during the day.

If you could provide more specific information, I'm sure the group will have some suggestions for you.


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Thank you for that. I actually will be there at the beginning of August. The exact town is not too much a concern for me - I just want to be in one of the five towns so that I can easily walk from there.

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Steven, the beginning of August is not far off, so I'd suggest getting something booked straight away!

You might check with or to see if they have any vacancies. Given the short time frame, I'd suggest not trying to find "the best deal". Get something reserved soon!

Good luck and happy travels!