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Cinque Terre - Awk! Wanna swoon, but there's no room!

Okay, I'm a doofuss, my daughter and I are going on nights of 5/6 Oct, but can't find decent lodging that doesn't have mold in the bathroom or cooties on the bed! Have checked Trip Advisor, Orbitz (doesn't recognize towns or CT), Expedia. Anyone--Please--know any secret places, websites, special friends? At this point, euros are less of an issue than finding a nice (not necessarily luxurious) place. I can even call Italy; have a great calling card. Any leads greatly appreciated & mille grazie in advance for help.

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For a short stay, Monterosso has the best selection of hotels because it's bigger, and there are more on line that some of the smaller towns. We wanted to stay in Vernazza for two nights and could not find a place.

If you go back to Trip Advisor and type in Cinque Terre in the search box, there is quite a bit of information. I also typed in Monterosso and Riomaggior and got hits. You might also look at Levanto, which is a few miles north of Monterosso and on the train line to the CT, AND seems to have a lot of rooms available.

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Try Scroll down to next to bottom option on left hand side. Don't know if that will help that it's their I think official web.

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Grazie for everyone's help. I was able to find a Monterosso B&B; I happened to call after a cancellation--so lucky!

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Hate to say it, but in Oct. you should be able to show up and get your pick of rooms, even in the CT. Bonus is you can look at what you get before you accept.