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Cinque Terra/Venice

We have just 3 nights for the CT and Venice. Would you stay in Cinque Terra 2 nights and Venice 1 night or Cinque Terra 1 night and Venice 2 nights Thanks!

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Wow, that's six hours on the train just to travel between those two! More info would be helpful. When are you going to be there? Is this your first trip to Italy? Where else are you going and how much time are you spending in those places? I ask because my recommendation would be to do three nights in Venice and save the CT for another trip. I think it's hardly ever worth the trouble to do only one night in a town/city.

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I've seen your other post. You don't have a lot of time. For me, Venice is magical. If it's mandatory that you see both, I would suggest 1 night in the CT and 2 nights in Venice. You can see most of the CT in one long day.

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I'm with Larry, Venice is wonderful especially when all the day trippers have gone. There is also plenty to do and see in just a couple of days.

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Beth , while the CT is a nice place. I don't think I would classify it as a must see. Especially since you are on the other side of the country. Given your time frame, I would suggest you spend the three nights in Venice and save the CT for another trip.

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I would stay in Venice all three nights and see Cinque Terre another time. I've been to both; Cinque Terre is wonderful. However, it is a long train ride between the two. Since your time is limited, I would just enjoy Venice. There's plenty to do for three nights. It is absolutely beautiful and charming.

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Stay in Venice. You will need the time in Venice to see it and you can't see the Cinque Terra on a day trip. You really need at least a week in each place.

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I've been to Venice a couple of different times and Cinque Terre only once and I would always choose Cinque Terre!!!!! It's absolutely wonderful. I stayed in Corniglia.....not accessible by ferry as the others are, but a train runs once and hour to all the towns.

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I would echo what has been said about the distance between Venice and CT. It's really a very long travel day.

I think you want to experience at least one night in Venice to really appreciate it.

I see CT as a great place to slow down and relax as a break from an otherwise hectic vacation.

I don't know your entire itinerary, does your trip need the relaxing break? If the vacation is brief, you might be better off visiting closer destinations, for example, the Dolomites and Verona (or other options).

We had a car and made the trip from Venice to CT. It took a lot longer than expected to get our car and get out of Venice, so we ended up spending a night in Modena on the way.

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I agree with most of the rest. I'd stay in Venice if you only have 3 days.