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Christmas in Venice

I'm all booked and ready to go to Venice for Christmas. I understand that many restaurants will be closed for Christmas Day so we chose a hotel with a restaurant as a back up plan. I'd prefer to eat outside the hotel - any suggestions as to what may be open that day?

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Hey, Abby--we were in Venice early on Christmas Eve last year, taking the train to Florence that night for Christmas Day, so I don't really have direct experience, but I would offer this: much of the beauty and reason to visit Venezia is the city itself (safe and magical to get lost!), and the churches--both of which you will have access to Christmas Day. As for restaurants, not a fan of restaurants in Venice to begin with, but given the role tourism plays in keeping the town alive (and not just now, but in it's long history, too), I'm certain you'll have no trouble eating outside the hotel Christmas Day. The trick is finding a decent place that's not a ripoff for toursists. I'd do what we did for Florence last year: email your hotel and ask them to suggest a restaurant appreciated by those who live there and that is open Christmas Day. They should be happy to ask around for you, and even make the reservation if necessary. Buona Natale!