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Chirstmas in Italy

My husband and I are about to take a 3 week trip to Italy for our honeymoon. We are starting in Milan, then staying in Florence, then Rome and finally Sorrento. We will be in Florence on Christmas Day and then going to Rome on Dec. 26th. I am looking for advice on things to do on Christmas day and the 26th. Since it is a holiday, many things will be closed, but I don't want to waste time sitting around our hotel. Any suggestions?

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My wife and I spent last Christmas in Italy, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Florence. I highly recommend dinner at Trattoria Gobbi 13 Christmas Eve (they open at 7 PM, and your hotel can make a reservation for you, in advance, although that early it's probably not needed). Also, just about a block past the restaurant, across the street on the corner, is a neat little bar to have a drink in, first. Very festive.

As for Christmas Day, in Florence, while it's true not much is open, it can still be magical. We slept in, had a late breakfast, and then went to mass (even if you're not Catholic, it's beautiful, the language, the songs, the decor). Be sure to tell them you want to stay, not just see the place and leave, or they won't let you in. We went to chiesa di San Lorenzo, and sat amid some stunning and classic Italian art and architecture. After church, we took about an hour stroll across Ponte Vecchio and up to Piazzele Michelangelo, which offers a stunning view of winter-time Florence, the Arno, the Duomo, the Tuscan countryside...amazing. There's a little bar up there, and a restaurant, and restrooms...and other visitors looking for something to do on a national holiday. What a beautiful photo op. Then we walked back (although a bus runs and some taxis are around, but with a holiday surcharge). After a siesta at the hotel, we strolled the old town, near the Duomo and Piazza Signoria, and had dinner (can't remember where, wasn't really memorable, but good). Was an early night, and we edited and labeled some of our photos from the day in the drawing room at the hotel.

As for Rome, while the 26th is also a holiday, it's a major metropolitan area sustained, in a big way, on tourism. I suspect you'd find much to do and see. Feel free to check the itineary from our trip (Venice, Florence, Siena, Rome) on my Italian travel blog. Buona Natale e Buon anno!

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When looking for things to do, I always do a google search for 'Florence sights' or 'attractions' to read about things to do in a town. You will find many suggestions with pictures which will help you decide.

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Have a 3-4 hour christmas dinner at at trattoria/restraunt. You will want to make reservations. Maybe you can ask your hotel to make a reservation for somewhere yummy. Any of the places Rick recomends would be good. Expect to pay 35-50 euro per person, but it will be yummy and memoriable