child ages for national and regional trains

I'm trying to research train tickets from Rome to Florence on Trenitalia for our family (2 parents, 3 children) and the main page shows info on child ages but it depends on the kind of train we take: "national trains 4-14 years old, regional trains 4-12 years old". What is the difference between a national and regional train and how can I tell which one I'm getting? Thanks for any help or advice!

Posted by donna
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Regional trains are like commuter trains. They make a lot of stops and go a lot slower. They don't have seat assignments so if the train is full you could end up standing for all or a portion of your trip. National trains are high speed and require seat reservations for everyone riding. On the trenitalia website regional trains will say "regionale veloce" and the tickets are usually very cheap. Depending on when you're traveling you can buy super economy tickets for as low as 9 euros each on the high speed trains. There is no other discount for kids at this price. These tickets are non changeable and non refundable to if you choose to buy these cheap tickets be sure of your travel plans. donna