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Chicago > Amsterdam > Rome via KLM

This trip sets off this weekend on July 31st, and I am wondering if anyone else has taken a similar route to Italy from the United States. I am a fully vaccinated American traveler, and I have been having a very hard time figuring out exactly what the Covid-19 related stipulations are for entry. To my knowledge, my CDC vaccination card and dPLF should be enough to get into Italy as an American Citizen, but the KLM travel doc website ( shows that my final leg from the Netherlands to Italy will require a negative test as well.

I called the airline, which was not much help, as they simply went off of what was on the travel doc page. Per the Italian Ministry of Health website, it seems like travel from a list C country such as the Netherlands and the United States, should only require a vaccination card for entry.

Just wondering if anyone has made a similar trip on a non-direct flight transiting through a C list country from the United States to Italy in the last month and can provide some input as to what was actually required.


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Bottom line just cover yourself and get the test
There is nothing to it.

I just arrived in Italy from France via coach. I needed a negative test to get on the bus. The rules are different all over. For example I flew into Zurich from the USA only a proof of vaccine was required. That part is handled by the airline. Then I took a train from Switzerland to Chamonix France no test required. I went to a concert in Chamonix yesterday. To attend the concert all had to show either negative test or proof of vaccination. I used the same proof of a negative twice in the last two days. I paid 29 euros at a pharmacy. It should be free for you in Chicago anywhere.

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Someone posted in an alumni group I'm in on FB - they're flying to Germany with a connection through Amsterdam, and the authorities are requiring a negative test to transit through Amsterdam. Luckily, there's an on-site testing area, because otherwise the Dutch authorities would not let them in. They're fully vaccinated, but the test is also required.

Get the test before you go.