Chianti region to Paris

We are staying outside of Florence for 3 nights in late May. We need to get to Paris and will spend 3 nights there and fly back to States. This is confirmed plan. 1. Flight from Pisa to Paris...Recommended airlines 2. Approximate drive time to Pisa from Chianti region? (All flights from Florence appear to be after 6 PM for day we fly)

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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I recommend you look at Vueling and Easyjet. both are fine, both do have some luggage weight /limits but both are reasonable unless you are nutter packer I think, lolI have used them both and thought they were absolutely fine. Do read website carefully to understand the limits, and I always pre purchase luggage check in as its cheaper online then at airport.
Both use main airports for Paris ( Orly or Charles de Gaulle) , I do not use Ryanair as they use these satellite airports that can really far away,( for instance for Paris they use Beauvais which is almost 100 kms away and takes a bus and train to commute from and 1.5 hours,,) Orly and CDG airports have direct train routes, take 35-45 minutes .

Posted by Roberto
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Pisa has flights to Paris Orly with Easyjet (1/day), Paris CDG (3/day) with AirFrance and Paris Beauvais (1/day) with RyanAir. Consider that Beauvais airport is 100km from Paris. Florence has flights to Paris CDG (6/day) with AirFrance and to Paris Orly (1/day) with Vueling. I know there are flights from Florence in the morning, there are 6 a day with Airfrance, 2 of which before Noon (although Airfrance is generally pricier than the others). All others are in the afternoon, but only one after 6pm (at 6:50pm, with AirFrance). Vueling departs from Florence at 3:10pm (4:55pm on Sundays). Flight time is less than 2 hours from either airport. I don't know where you are exactly in the Chianti, but wherever you are, by car it would take you no more than 90 min. to Pisa and no more than 45 min. to Florence airport.