(Cheaper) Flights from Toronto to Rome (or Lamezia)


I haven't booked my flight yet. I wanted to have it booked by now but tickets are over $1000 for the airlines that I am interested in going with - Air France, Lufthansa, British Airways and Air Canada. I have been doing a lot of research on on-line travel sites. There are flights for under $1000 but they're mostly for American airlines - Delta, and United Airlines. They didn't have positive reviews though.

I would like to get a flight between $700-900. The flights that I am interested in don't charge for check in baggage and offer free meals and snacks where most of the other airlines don't. The American airlines also charge for 1st and 2nd checked in baggage. I have been checking the travel sites almost everyday but don't see prices dropping for those 4 airlines.

I read that airlines' prices drop Tues and Wed and to even check prices at 3am on Wed??

I want to book soon. I want to have something for this week. If the 3am thing is true, then I will set my alarm and check prices.

I have my dates - August 11 to November 10/11. I will fly into Rome and then take a train to Lamezia. I thought of taking an internal flight but the baggage restrictions are strict and I don't want to pay anymore fees.

Can I catch the eurostar train from the airport in Rome?
I don't know where to catch the train in Rome and/or whether to book my flight to Lamezia (which is more expensive). I used the 12th of August as my day of departure from the train station because I will arrive the next day into Rome.

I have been getting a lot of advice from other travellers to not make a lot of reservations in advance and to just play it by 'ear'. I'm not concerned about this right now because I will be staying with my family for the first few weeks and I won't be in France until the beginning of September.

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You can usually sign up with the airlines to receive their newsletters by email. That way you will hear of any sales or promotions as soon as they come out. Some sales only last a day so advance notice is crucial!

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I flew Air Canada to FCO at the end of June. I don't suggest the overnight (8:25pm) flight because it was very hard to sleep. The flight attendants on that flight were not overly helpful or accomodating.
The good thing was that you can select your seat and change it for free with the Air Canada int'l flights. If you end up booking with them, try to get the bulkhead row (mine was row 12, just behind 1st class) because you have MUCH more legroom.
I booked about 3+ months in advance and got a deal of $500... try www.kayak.com to compare prices and flight times, layovers,etc.

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not sure why you didn't mention Air Transat, but they show a flight Thurs Aug 13 departs YYZ at 22:30 arrives Aug 14 FCO at 13:30. One way fare $600 taxes in. Good luck!

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I've flown YYZ/FCO in the past with Air Canada and no problems. However, as another post suggested you might want to check Air Transat. They commenced direct flights from Vancouver to Rome this year, so that might be a good possibility.

When you arrive in Rome, use the Leonardo Express from the airport to Roma Termini (the main train station). The trip is about 30 minutes and the cost about €11 from what I recall. Don't forget to validate your ticket!

Lamezia is quite a ways south of Rome. Depending on what time your flight arrives, I might be tempted to head there right away via train. You indicated that you'll be staying with family, so they will probably be a bit "relaxed" and let you recover from jet lag.

It appears there are three rail station in Lamezia. I used Lamezia Terme Centrale when checking. Travel time is in the range of 5-6 hours. You should be able to buy your ticket (and reservation if required) at Roma Termini when you arrive there, using either the automated ticket machines or one of the FS ticket windows.

Buona Fortuna e Buon Viaggio!

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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your responses. I signed up for a few e-mail alerts and have some waiting in my junk folder. Hopefully, there will be a few good deals.

The reason why I didn't mention Air Transat is because they only fly until mid-October to Europe. I am traveling until November 10/11 so it wasn't an option for me. I called an agent and she looked at dates for me and mentioned that Air Transat stops flights to Europe mid-October and then fly south.

I am looking into Air Canada but I haven't found any flights that are less than $1200. If I call Air Canada directly, does it make a difference? Do they offer specials over the phone? I have never called an airline before so I don't know if this is beneficial?

One more thing, would you buy the travel insurance that is provided with your flight ticket or do you purchase this separately?

I am off from work today so I will be glued to my laptop for most of today. I am hoping that I can score a fairly good price through Air Canada. I looked at their stops and I prefer Montreal or Frankfurt over CDG and Heathrow.

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I missed the fact that you would be travelling later in the fall. Yes, Air Transat does indeed cease European flights in about October (and then switches to the "sun destinations" such as Cuba, Dominican Republic, etc.).

I received a bulletin from Air Canada this morning advertising YYZ-FCO flights for $298 (one way)! I'd suggest that you check with a reputable Travel Agent in your area, as they will probably be able to help you sort through all the options.

It appears from your Post that you'll be in Italy for about three months. Be sure not to "overstay" and exceed the Schengen Visa limits!


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Hi Ken,

I'm going to contact an agent (or two) and see what they can offer me. I keep checking out the Air Canada site but I didn't see anything for Rome at the price that you stated. I will check it out again.

With regards to maxium stay, I know that I'm only allowed 90 days. So, since my parents are italian, I decided to apply for EU citizenship however I didn't realize how DIFFICULT it was going to be. It was VERY frustrating and disappointing. I contacted every Italian Consulate in Canada and the Italian Embassy in Ottawa. I got 2 responses back. In one of them, the lady told me to call the Italian Consulate in Toronto. Gee, thanks. I did; about 20 times and left a few messages because nobody seemed to answer the phone! Also, they were only open 3 hours a day!

I got a response from one person with regards to applying for a visa so that I can stay longer than 90 days - about 10 days and this is what she sent me:

"If you are staying just 10 days over the three months I don't think you will have any problem. You cannot apply for the accompaining family memebrs/joining family mamebers Visa because it can be issued only to spouses or childrens of EU citizens."

I'm not going to be stay an extra 10 days; more like 2-3 days. Since the person mentioned that it wouldn't be a problem, then I'm not going to worry about it. When I visit my family, I will go to the Italian Consulate there an get my EU citizenship to have for future reference.

P.S. My mom suggested going on stand-by. A friend of the family went to Spain for $90! Since I'm flexible with my dates, I thought that it might be a good idea but I don't know how it works. Any thoughts or suggestions?
Kindest regards

Visa Officer
Italian Consulate in Toronto

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As Gabrielle suggested, kayak.com or a similar search engine is probably your best bet....but you will likely have to fly thru the U-S to get the best deal to Rome. Make sure that, when you locate a good deal, you go directly to the airline website to book it, since you won't have as many problems if changes, etc, are required.