Cheap destination from Naples

I have 4 days I want to use to go somewhere outside of mainland Italy for cheap. I'm totally open to places to by air, rail, ferry, etc. I'll be in Naples and come back into Rimini after the 4 days (Bologna is closest big city), and I've explored the options of: Tunis (Tunisia), Tirana (Albania) and other places across the Adriatic, Spain and Portugal, Switzerland, and Sicily. Does anyone have advice on a cheap place to go for this time? Tunis and Tirana are about $250 for flights, and I wouldn't want to exceed that in transportation. Any idea is welcome!

Posted by Roberto
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What time of the year?
Also consult Wikipedia and see which flights are available out of Naples. Not sure I'd want to go to Tunisia these days.

Posted by Steve
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Luke, Zoe has some great sugestions. Hop on one of the lo-cost inter EU airlines (check Skyscanner and and pop over to Sicily,(a quick flight) then go to the Aeolians; an awesome place. Each island is so different. All are readily available by hi-speed ferry. You could also get a cheap cabin on an overnight ferry to the Aeolians fom Naples. Or you can stay on the mainland, get a cheap flight to Puglia (or drive) and visit that area. Then grab a cheap flight back to Bologna from Brindisi or Bari.

Posted by Luke
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Late May/Early April. I found something good going into Barcelona and out Tangiers, but I don't know about transportation getting from one to another! By this point,I think I'm posting on the wrong forum/section of Europe.

Posted by Zoe
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You could fly from Naples to Catania and then take a train to Milazzo for a few days in the islands of Lipari, Stromboli, Vulcano; or stay nearer to Naples and visit Ischia, Procida, Capri (pricey with lots of tourists). Sardinia would be a unique experience. Sorry but I can't offer anything outside of Italy.