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Charities in Italy

I was in Milan in October and was particularly rude to a Senegalese gentleman who "gave" me a handmade bracelet. He tried to strike up a conversation with me about America and our culture, and was just trying to eek out a living in a strange land. He only asked for a pittance in return for his work and friendliness, and I was jet-lagged and in a not-very-pleasant mood (and I took the bracelet, but didn't give him any money). I felt really bad about my reaction for the rest of my trip.

Well, since I got back, my dog got cancer, my truck broke, and my job is now in the balance. This is not a country song.

I'd like to make amends. What is a responsible charity I could donate a bit o' Holiday cheer to to help people like this bracelet-maker? I never give money to "beggars" in Europe, because I‘ve been told that there are better ways to help. But I’m not sure what those ways are…

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Thanks. I should have been more specific:

I'm looking for charities in the Milan area that might focus on helping African immigrants.

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Here you go:

They're based in Milan. If you accept the fact that the Senegalese flock to Italy to get away from the economic problems in their own country, then this would be one way of helping people like that guy you now have regrets about. Also, you'll see that COOPI works within Italy to educate Italians about different cultures, presumably leading to more acceptance of those like him.

Here's how they describe themselves:

COOPI - Cooperazione Internazionale is an Italian non-governmental organization founded in 1965. We carry out development programs and emergency interventions in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Balkans. We organize activities in Italy to foster the knowledge and the exchange among different cultures.