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changing trains in Milano Rogoredo

I'm arriving at Milano Rogoredo on Frecciarossa at 14:20 and very much want to catch the Trenord train to Cremona that leaves at 14:32, a mere 12 minutes later, from that same station. I think it would help to know what tracks these trains usually use and to be able to see an internal map of the station. I've been doing lots of internet searches and not finding this information. Can anyone help? Any advice is good - even finding out that I should give up on being able to make the connection. Thanks, you all!

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Should be no sweat. It looks like Rogredo could have as many as 9 tracks on 5 platforms, there is an under-track passageway connecting them. Other tacks and platforms are for the Milan Metro system. Just go down the stairs and walk to the stairway marked for your connecting track, go upstairs and you are there. Should take less than 5 minutes. Don't know if they have elevators or escalators, but even if they do, you can't always count on them working.

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Thanks, Sam! Were you able to look at any websites that show the layout of the station? If so, I'd love to see it.

Right after posting my question, I looked further down in the forum and read postings about new news reports of concern about the coronavirus in exactly this area where my plans are to visit. Codogna is one of the stops on the regional train I want to catch. Plans have been in the works for a while, so I'm not anxious to change...but maybe...

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Rogoredo has 8 trough tracks and 5 stub tracks - stubs are used for suburban trains heading north through the "Passante" tunnel under the city. Through tracks are connected by a subway and, if you can manage your luggage, changing tracks may take a couple of minutes. Usually Frecciarossa use external, higher number tracks, and regionals lower number tracks on the side of the station building. As tracks are so close, this is not really an issue.

At present, trains are ordered not to stop in Codogno and Casalpusterlengo.