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Changes in Rome: Access to the Forum

Just wanted to let everyone know about changes in getting into the Forum, others have probably mentioned this, but I'm not finding it. Unless we did it wrong, the Forum is no longer free nor is the entrance right across from the Colloseum near the Arch of Titus. That gate is only an exit now and the situation is so new and confusing to everyone that the person in that booth won't even make eye contact with you to help you figure it out. The main ticket office is now about 200 meters to the left (as you face the Arch) where you gain access to both the Palatine and the Forum and where you purchase combined tickets and get audio guides. DO NOT LEAVE THE PALATINE AREA before going into the Forum. The map shows another entrance way down at the other end of the Forum on Via Fori Imperiali, but there is an entrance from within the Palatine area and if you leave the gate you may not get back into the Forum without paying again. The map you get with your combined ticket doesn't clearly show (if it shows at all) the entrance from the Palatine area. We didn't do it correctly, but managed to act dumb and walk through the gate on Via Fori Imperiali but only because the ticket machine on that end seemed to be not working. On the up side, you can now see some rooms with restored frescos in the House of Augustus in the Palatine. Apparently these are newly opened (5 months ago? if I understood a guide correctly.) There will be a wait to go in since they only allow about 5 people at a time, but I thought the wait was worth it and you can catch up on listing to some extra historical info on your audioguide while you wait

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Debbie - your information is accurate, but I wanted to add that the ticket is good for TWO CONSECUTIVE DAYS!!! Plan well and enjoy.

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That's interesting. I wonder if you had a different ticket than we did. We tried to get back in the main gate, put a ticket through the machine, but it was rejected as already used. Maybe we could have put it thought the machine at the other end of the Forum, but since that machine was broken, we didn't have to try it. That may be it, since we did use the same tickets to get into the Colloseum later.

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The ticket is only good for 2 consecutive days, if you purchase it after 1:30 in the afternoon. Even then, I believe it is only good until 1:30 on the second day. I agree with everything Debbie said- the new entrance is so confusing. I wish I had a dollar for every person who walks up this long uphill walkway toward the Palatine, only to find out it is not the new entrance. (At least we had lots of company) Upon returning, we did notice a new small sign that pointed toward the new entrance, but hopefully they will install a new larger one soon. Charging for the Forum is very new so hopefully things will improve.

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One other bit of info. You can only go in the Palatine/Forum and the Colosseum entry once each. We were there a month ago and wanted to do the Colosseum before it got too crowded so walked thru the gate where we bought the tickets at the Palatine/Forum entry and straight thru and out at the Forum exit to the Colosseum. When we went back, thinking we had all day to use the ticket, the machine rejected our ticket as already having been used. The guy at the gate was very polite, but insistant that we could not go back in. He then directed us to a Manager, who took pity on us and allowed us entry when we explained that we had just walked thru and did not even get to visit either the Palatine or the Forum as yet. All's well that ends well and we had a fabulous time.