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Change seats Trenitalia

I'm a fool -- I just booked travel for 5 on a Frecciarossa train and forgot to toggle to reserve specific seats -- so we had random seats assigned by the system, not all together. I booked Super Economy fares, but in Business Class, because the Super Economy in 2nd were sold out and the fare difference was only an extra 15 euros total for us to travel in Business versus the fare classes still available in 2nd (or Premium.) I thought it would be nice on an early-morning train to have a free coffee...I thought I was pretty clever!

I can't see any way in the app to pay extra for seat selection and change this. It's a 3-hour journey and we will definitely want to chat -- we don't get a lot of in-person time together usually. (OH, and I also don't know if I inadvertently booked us into a quiet car with these random seats. I thought one of the business cars was supposed to be a quiet car? This will be torture for my chatty siblings.)

I'm kicking myself! Can anyone offer a suggestion?

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There's a tab on Trenitalia's website that say "manage your tickets". I can't see what it will do, but did you look there to see if you can change seats?

I looked there -- all I could find was the option to add my dog or share a ZIG ZAG with someone, haha. I got my hopes up at the screen that said "Change passenger details" but all that let me do was change date of birth, etc.

Thank you so much for your reply, though!! I will continue trawling through the Trenitalia website. :)

You know what -- I am just going to live with it. It won't be so bad...anyhow, I don't want to drive everyone crazy on this forum about it! Thank you, horsewoofie, for trying!


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Thank you for the good giggle!
Many years ago, I was traveling in Germany with the man who is now my husband. He is pretty knowledgeable in German having a degree and having lived in German speaking countries for 2 years. So we’re in either Berlin or Frankfurt or some city with an underground and he buys our tickets. Lo and behold, he bought tickets for the “dogs”, of which there were none.
Yes, we still laugh about it to this day.

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How do you know for sure that the seats assigned are not all together? Have you made a fake purchase toggling to reserve on the same train and checking the seating chart?

Anyway, Business cars are always half empty and nobody will care if you switch seats with other passengers or if some of you are sitting at an empty seat.

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I have been to Italy more than 10 times, never worried about getting a seat reservation and always was able to sit with my travel buddies. Unless something has changed since the last time in 2015 I would not worry about it. J