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cell vs phone card-buy in US or in Italy

Which should we get? Card or cell. We are traveling mainly to Italy & Greece for 40 days. We are making our own reservations for appox. 15 of those days which we need to confirm our reservations. We are also on a Med. cruise, a Greek Isle Cruuse. We want to stay in touch with our family. What is best.

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Phone cards are cheap and easy but they don't allow people to call you. A cell phone is the way to go if people need to reach you at any hour.

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I would get a cell phone. So much easier these days. Here's a great article about these things:

The article has a link to, where you can get GSM phones or SIM cards or both packaged together before you go. It's often cheaper to get a local SIM card for the country you are visiting.

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If you get a phone card, get an AT&T prepaid phone card. You can use it at any phone, and you can add money to it as you go. You can buy the card at wal-mart or most drug stores. Call the 800 number on the back of the card and tell them what countries you will using the card in and they will give you an access code. I use them all the time and it's also reassuring to hear that AT&T operator when you are so far from home. Very easy to use and you can add any amount at any time.

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AT&T is the company to use outside of the US for phone cards. Even other companies that issue "international" cards are using the AT&T network because that's the only one that has working agreements outside of the US. And, trust me, AT&T protects those agreements by making it difficult -- if not impossible -- for people carrying other cards to complete their calls.