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cell phone sales in italy

I am hoping to buy a cheap phone and italy chip in the Fumincino Airport. Does anyone have a clue if this is possable? Names & numbers please if you know them.

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You can buy a cheap unlocked phone here. Try or ebay. Just make sure it is GSM and at least tri-band. Then, when you get there all you have to do is buy the chip.


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The 39 Euro phones... are those pre-paid and include minutes?

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Yes, the 39 euro phone included 5 euro of talk time. You can add euro (time) at the TIM store or at most tabachi with a recharge card.

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Between me and my brother, we have since found four used phones here in the U.S. that will work in Italy. We did a lot of research and you can find the results in a topic I wrote under topic "Getting a Cell Phone for Use in Europe" in the Cell phone topic area For anyone contemplating the best way to find a cell phone for use in Italy, I suggest you read it.