cell phone madness

i had a cello mobile sim card that i used in an LG cf360 previuosly in fance and ireland. this year my wife and i have LG g 295 and LG A340 -both unlocked. i called cello mobile to use the card in the 340 and purchase a second to use in the 295, only to be told that the cello mobile sim cards will work in italy only with 3g phones (apprently ours are not 3g). 1. can these phones be used in italy with other sims cards? 2. are there any nitves t that will work that i cna purchase BEFORE we go? (again, we'd like to use our current phones with functional sim cards in italy.0
Any ideas?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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rich, Since you're already using a SIM from one of the "travel phone" firms, it might be worth a try to contact some of the other firms to see whether their cards will work in the phones you're using. Have a look at the websites for Roam Simple, Cellular Abroad, Call In Europe, Telestial, Mobal or EuroBuzz. I've been using one of those for the past few years and it's worked well so far. Some of the above firms offer SIM cards for about $9, so buying new cards for both phones wouldn't be a huge expense. These will probably have a U.K. phone number and post-paid billing, depending on which firm you choose. It's very interesting to hear that the Cello Mobile plans are somewhat "selektive" in terms of use with some phone models. I wasn't able to find any information on the "LG g" phone. Is it an LG GU295? In any case, they both appear to be quad-band GSM models. Hope this helps. Happy travels!

Posted by JustTravel
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If your cell phones are unlocked GSM phones, they should work with a TIM or Vodafone simcard. If it works in France, it will work in Italy. I am not familiar with the cello.