Catholic church services Villafranca di Verona & Pesaro

A friend I'm traveling with on a tour to Italy wants to be sure she can go to Catholic mass each weekend. Has anyone gone to a Catholic church in these towns that might know the mass schedule or other information? Public transportation to the church? Other tips?

Posted by Sherry
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There's a website,, that might be worth checking. I don't know those towns, but she shouldn't have much trouble finding Mass. I go to daily Mass and there are so many churches I usually find Mass while wandering around if I haven't planned anything. There commonly will be a Sat eve vigil Mass at 6 or 7, and there will be Masses Sunday morning (but sometimes not starting as early as in the US). And when I'm interested in a specific church and can't find Mass times on the web, I've had good luck emailing tourism offices in relatively small towns. Sometimes it take a couple of tries, but it usually works. The biggest challenge might be, if you're on a tour, the tour schedule; she probably should express her needs to the tour operator.

Posted by Michael
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As long as she's not looking for an English-speaking mass, she'll have no problem. The hours are posted on the doors of all the churches, and most have several masses throughout the day, though sometimes in a side chapel.