Card eating ATM machine, help getting replacement

The Madrid airport Casi Madri bank ATM machine ate my credit union ATM card. The credit union in NC will fedex a new one but says it may take 2 weeks to receive it ("we don't know")& will cost $58. Anyone had to get a FedEx from the states in Italy?

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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"...24 hours is impossible obviously, unless FedEx uses Ballistic missiles...." Not impossible. From the east coast of the US (where the poster resides and where the CU is probably located) you can get documents to major capital cites in Europe within 24 hours. I have personally sent and received documents via Fedex, and DHL in that time frame, and I never asked or paid extra for overnight service. International documents wouldn't have to go through Memphis. Fedex has facilities at all major international airports. If someone in NYC wanted a document in Madrid the next day all they would have to do is walk it to the nearest Fedex office before noon, Fedex would transfer it their facility at Newark airport, it would be in Madrid the next morning local time. If people can do it...why not documents????? Happens everyday. In addition to their own fleet Fedex also uses commercial passenger flights to move documents across the pond. p.s. Fedex stopped routing all domestic packages through Memphis 20 years ago. They now have hubs spread across the US.

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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Ask far as I know, Fedex only does overnight service between the US and Europe. You should get it in 24 hours, assuming they send it out right away. $58 is more or less the overnight rate for documents across the pond.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Why don't you go to the Madrid branch and get it back? Are you far from MAD? I've sent FedEx to Europe a few years ago. I think the fastest was 48 or 72 hours, dont recall. 2 weeks is more than regular air mail (about a week). 24 hours is impossible obviously, unless FedEx uses Ballistic missiles. Lets not forget everything goes to Memphis first to get sorted and placed on the next flight.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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unless FedEx uses Ballistic missiles. I knew that NASA was outsourcing its rockets and it would just the thing in these days of government tightfistedness for the military to outsource warhead delivery, don't-cha-think? I bet they'd be accurate, too.

Posted by LaVee
Edenton, NC, usa
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Roberto I tried to get it from the bank and they refused, saying for security reasons they only return cards to the issuing bank. When tomorrow in Rome I go to use my alternate card I hope all goes well or I'll be in a jam. In the meantime, thanks to all of you & I am going to go ahead & tell my little credit union to FedEx to my landlord in Rome. I guess worst case scenario is that it arrives after I depart Rome for Florence next Thursday & I have to make a day trip back to Rome. I thought 2 weeks sounded unreasonable but...hey the bank in Madrid refusing to give me a card matching my passport seemed unreasonable too. THANKS!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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LaVee, It's great to hear that you had a "backup" ATM card. The situation you've experienced is a good reminder to all travellers that it's prudent to pack along a "backup" in case of any problems with the primary card. I experienced a similar situation while in France a few years ago, and was really glad that I had decided to bring a backup card. My credit union noticed the fact that I was having trouble with the card, and they phoned me to find out what the problem was. If they hadn't been able to reach me, they likely would have "frozen" both cards, which would have been a major problem. I didn't mind getting a call at 03:00 on that occasion. Good luck!

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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LaVee, while there is typically a limit on the amount of money you can get from an ATM in a single transaction, remember you can always do a second transaction immediately after the first! This way, you can stockpile some €€€. Do you know why the ATM ate your card? Did something happen during the transaction that caused this to happen? Good luck, and have a great remainder of your trip!!!

Posted by donna
roswell, ga, usa
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I am so sorry to hear this LaVee! If you're an American Express card holder, you can go to their office and get some cash! Let us know how this turns out.

Posted by Chloe
Asnieres sur Vegre, France
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You aren't always able to get money at American Express. Two years ago in Rome we tried to get money at American Express and they acted as if they had never had such a ridiculous request. I got no money and no reasonable explanation as to why I couldn't get any. I have gotten money through American Express many times before, but not that day.