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Car rentals in Florence

We are taking the train from Rome to Florence. It is about 100 euros cheaper to rent a car at the airport. Is it convenient enough to get from SMN train station to the airport to rent a car? Or should we stick with renting close to the train station?

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I can't imagine there being that big of a difference. I rent cars all the time on our 2 trips a year to Europe and I've never seen that much difference in the train station and airport.

What car rental cos. are you looking at?

Be sure to ck all the car rentals on Expedia, etc. to do a comparison.

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You should check into renting a car from an agency in Downtown Florence (via borgo ognissanti). It's about a 5 minute walk from SMN train station.

By renting downtown, you'll save paying an airport fee and the cost to get from SMN to the aiport.

We're renting from AutoEurope (a consolidator of rental car agencies). They beat any price that we found.

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Tiger car rental is the name of the agency at the airport. It seriously is about 140 euros cheeper for the same car.

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Victoria hit the nail on the head! The prices at AutoEurope cannot be beat, nor can their service and selection, since they use all of the major agencys. Their web site is fantastic. Why don't you look at it, and compare the prices at the different locations? Every time when we looked at renting at an airport the prices were more than 20% higher! Go to Google maps (type in the address), and see where each locations is situated. You can also use Michelin maps web site (or Google) to plot a course from one place to another. We did not rent a car in Florence, but from all that I have read, drving in Florence in NOT fun.

What ever you do, make sure you rent from a major vendor, and that you book your car in the US.