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Car in Cinque Terra?

I'm going to be coming from Milan and then going in Venice after 3 nights in Cinque Terra. Would I be better off renting a car in Milan and dropping it in Venice? or doing it all by train/bus.

Is it nice to have a car to go between the 5 towns and surrounding area? or are they walking distance?

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It is unlikely that you will be driving between towns. Tourist cars are extremely limited in the 5 towns. I think that you will find it most cases they are even prohibited. There are two pay parking lots in Monterosso and Riomaggiore up high by the road. During the busy season, the lots are full and they often close the roads into the lots. See Select "Travel Tips" and scroll way down and read the paragraph on parking. Three of the towns are within easy walking distance on the coastal trails between the towns. 25 minutes between Riomaggiore and Manorola and about 40 minutes between Manorola and the Corniglia train station. The last two trails are longer and a bit more rugged. These are highly scenic walks. The most common transportation between the towns is the train. I don't think the minibuses in each town don't go between the towns either.

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I agree with the above posts. There's no use to having a car in the Cinque Terre.

Just to respond to Kent, though, you can drop a rental car in Venice. The agencies are located in the Piazzale Roma near the train station.