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Capri to Fiumicino

Could anyone give us some suggestions on the best way to get from Capri to Fiumicino? If we leave Capri by 3 pm will that be sufficient to catch a 9 pm flight out of Fiumicino? Thanks

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Jodi, It depends! Are you taking the fast boat from Capri? Traffic in Naples can be a nightmare. So plan at least 2 hours from Capri to the train station in Naples, and then take a train to the airport. Do you already have tickets to fly out of Rome?? If not, maybe you could change them and leave from Naples. Also, remember that you must be at the airport at least 2-3 hours prior to departure. so I would say that you are really pushing it!

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I just don't think that you can make this. 2hrs to Naples Garabaldi train station, 2hrs to Rome and another 30-40min to the airport. If you are flying internationally out of FCO, you need to be there almost 3 hrs early.

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You should leave Capri first thing in the morning. Never mess around with catching a flight. You can always store your bags at Termini Station and roam in Rome if you arrive with plenty of time to spare.

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Thank you all for the suggestions. we have not booked our flight and are only working on our itinerary, so we will definently change our plans to allow us more time.

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I would even be hesitant to travel that far the day of the flight, regardless of how much time I allow. Too many variables to mess up your plan (Ferries, Trains, Taxi's, strikes, you name it) and we are talking Italy here, not the tightest running system in the world. Maybe consider getting to Rome the night before, have a great meal, then a relatively easy trip to the airport.

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I second Paul's comment. For a flight out of Rome, stay in Rome the night before.