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Cancelling reservation

I made a reservation in the CT for May 2008 and now would like to go with someone else. Does anyone know if I am going to have a problem doing so. They never stated a cancellation policy when I reserved. I wouldn't like to pay any fee or penalty for canceling since there is still plenty of time for them to reserve with someone else.

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My experience with hotels in Italy has been very pleasant. If you need to cancel this far out, email the hotel with your reservation info and let them know you need to cancel. Make SURE you get in writing via email the cancellation confirmation (for your credit card should you need to contest)

It seems that most hotels accept cancellations with no problems.

I had to change dates of arrival and departure when I did it incorrectly, and the hotel worked with me - no issues.

This far out, there should be no penalty. Most hotels state they will only charge you if you cancel within 24 hours of arrival

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If your reservation is not until May 2008 you should have no problem canceling. Be sure to check cancellation policies before making reservations. The hotels in Italy tend to have require 3-15 days for cancellations, not the typical USA policy of canceling by 6p the day of check-in.

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OK, I'm going to go ahead and cancel. If I have any problems, I'll definitely let everyone know. Thanks to both of you!