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Canadian on first cinque terre stay

Passing through Cinque Terre this spring for about 6 days. Any budget recommendations for stay and for activities? Looking for an inexpensive bnb, like €75 or less daily? We like simple stuff like walks and hikes. Thank you for any comments.

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We used for our two stays in CT. We actually stayed in the same B&B in corniglia twice. But you can put in your budget and type of accoms...whether room or apartment or b&b and it’ll show you what’s available where.

As for’ll have to look into which trails are currently open...I believe a few are closed and have been closed for quite awhile. (Our last visit to CT was actually the day before a rock slide on one of the trails that closed it down ever since). Someone will chime in and let you know.

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Jim, actual dates might be helpful here as "spring" could cover a wide range.
Still, I think finding something for €75 per night might be a challenge if you are staying during shoulder season (April?). I'd hop onto with your dates and see what's available in Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola or Riomaggiore. You can also check Levanto and La Spezia as they are gateway cities just minutes away by rail.

As far as "simple stuff" there isn't really much do in the region that doesn't fall into that category, aside from maybe some pricier restaurants. Walks are easy: the 5 villages are very small so there are only so many of their corners to be explored. For hiking, reference the Parco Cinque Terre website for trail maps and descriptions.

Some trails that are showing as closed right now will likely be open by April BUT all of them are fragile, and any of them might close abruptly to heavy rain, rockfall or general damage. Just keep your options open, OK? I'm also thinking that 6 days is more that you need to devote to this area.

Activities are generally free except for train/bus/ferry travel and to hike the 2 designated SVA2 "Blue path" trail segments that are likely to be open in April: see the website for pricing on the Cinque Terre Trekking, or the Treno (regional train) card which includes access to the SVA2 plus other benefits:

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Last June my daughter stayed at a hostel she raved about -- she's stayed at a lot of hostels and this one was the "best one ever":
5 Terre Backpackers, in Corvara. It's way above the coast with views that go on forever. They have a shuttle to take you back and forth to the villages on the actual Cinque Terre, or you can hike if you're in good shape.