Can you buy tickets at Malpensa for train travel other than just to Milan?

Hi. We'll be traveling from Malpensa to Varenna (for Bellagio - will take ferry from Varenna obviously) and then back from Varenna to Padua (R.Steves tour!) in May. Is it possible to purchase all tickets from Malpensa's rail station? Or should we plan to do this in Milan Centrale? We'll be jet-lagged so would love to just buy all tickets at one time, and airports are usually much less frenetic than central train stations (we're pretty experienced travelers, not our first trip to Milan or to Varenna, but it was a while ago).

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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That is possible. There are ticket machines on Malpensa train station. Buy everything you need there.

Posted by Laura
Williamstown, MA
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Thanks for the responses. One more question: only ticket machines at Malpensa? I'm a bit nervous since I don't think they will accept US. Credit cards and also our itinerary is a bit complicated. No manned ticket booth (since it's Italy, I'm thinking maybe not - and I couldn't find much info on the Malpensa or horrible Trenitalia sites).

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Laura, One other thought to mention...... Another option would be to buy your tickets just from MXP to Varenna either from Kiosks or staffed ticket office at the airport. That will get you to Bellagio. If you'd rather wait a day or two to buy tickets for subsequent journeys (when you're somewhat recovered from jet lag), you could visit the small Travel Agency in Varenna. I'm sure they'd be able to help you sort out your "complicated itinerary". You'll walk past it on your way down the hill to the docks. Regarding the credit cards, I've never had any issues with the ticket Kiosks in Italy. Although I have Chip & PIN cards, the Kiosks have never asked for a PIN, which means they're processing the transaction only with the magnetic strip. Happy travels!