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Campobasso, Agnone

My grandpa was from Campobasso. Agnone specifically. What is that region like?
On a side note, will Stanley Tucci be filming from Molise or has he already?

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Molise is a region in southern IT with two provinces, Campobasso and Isernia. Agnone is located in Isernia which is west of Campobasso. Isernia is mountaneous and Agnone appears to be a cute town to wander through.

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My grandparents came from Ripabottoni, (NE of Campobasso,) about 25 miles as the bird flies; 50 miles by car from Agnone.

I found it surprisingly pretty rolling farmland and countryside.

The area has been inhabited since Roman times. A cousin who still lives there took us to a site where I saw tile floors in some ruins, like one sees at Pompeii.

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Thank you for your responses. I’m looking forward to more comments!

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If Tucci is filming there, it hasn't aired yet. The opening to his show does suggest that he will visit every region (20? 21?), and so far only 4 have aired (#5 tomorrow)

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Tucci’s Episode #4, airing tomorrow, March 7, focuses on Milan, then Episode #5 showcases Tuscany, and Episode #6 finishes up with Sicily. The first 3 episodes, in order, were Naples/Amalfi Coast, Rome, Bologna.

Whether there are future segments, continuing the series, Molise wouldn’t appear to be in the current lineup.

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My great-grandfather was also from Campobasso in Molise. Have thought about making a pilgrimage on the next trip, but it would be by train, meaning 3 hours from Naples or 4 hours from Rome, each way.

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My great-grandparents were from Carovilli and Castiglione (fathers’ side). I visited in February 2020 for three nights flying into Naples and rented a car (manual Panda). Not knowing what to expect we were pleasantly surprised. Much hillier/mountainous and scenic than I expected (my father joked they were Italian Hillbillies). The people and food were great. I felt comfortable in the small towns and little cafe/bars even though we stuck out like sore thumbs and know almost no Italian. We just drove around the local towns and attractions and explored. We didn't make it to Agnone, but considered it. I would encourage you to go. I hope to take my siblings there someday. Scroll down for more webcams from this link:

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...The people and food were great. I felt comfortable in the small
towns and little cafe/bars even though we stuck out like sore thumbs
and know almost no Italian...

Exactly our experience when we visited Sant' Arsenio, up in the Campanian foothills an hour SE of Salerno. This was for geneological research, and the meeting I had set up in advance with a town gendarme had fallen through.

So with absolutely nothing to do, we visited the town cemetery and then walked in and out of caffe bars. Wherever we walked, the locals were watching us, at one point while we were ordering an espresso and cornetto, the whole place was flat out staring at us, like the E.F. Hutton commercial.

But as soon as we stated our reason for being there--finding distant relatives with given surnames--it was like a switch had been turned on. They couldn't do enough for us, made us feel at home. We couldn't stay very long, our ride back to Salerno was leaving, but it gave us a warm feeling overall after a rough start.