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Camping and watching The Giro-- suggestions?

My boyfriend and I are going to be in Italy at the end of May to catch some of the bike race. We want to spend as little money as possible and see some of the country-side. (A few years ago we did a Venice, Pisa, Florence, Rome trip and caught most of the "must-see" sites.)

We are renting a small car and planning on camping as often as possible. There are only a few places we HAVE to be for races, otherwise, we are pretty open. If anyone has suggestions of campsites (I bought an Alan Rogers guide) or a Florence hotel outside the circle of parking ticket death, we would really appreciate it. Also, any ideas of places to see/stay longer, I would love. Thanks in advance!

Day 1 - Arrive Rome, pick up car, camp outside the city (Camping Tiber?)

Day 2 - Assisi (Camping Tiber again?)

Day 3 - West Cost/Cinque Terra - (Mare Monti Camping in Sestri Levante?)

Day 4 - West Cost/Cinque Terra

Day 5 - West Cost/Cinque Terra

Day 6 - Florence [race day] ** Florence hotel outside the circle of parking ticket death??**

Day 7 - Lake Como (Camping Au Lac De Como?)

Day 8 - Milan

Day 9 - Modena

Day 10 - Drive... Revena?

Day 11 - Blockhaus [race day]

Day 12 - Amalfi Coast

Day 13 - Amalfi Coast

Day 14 - Amalfi Coast, drop off car

Day 15 - Rome [race day]

Day 16 - Fly home

Thanks in advance!!

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