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Caeser Shuffle Dilemma


My girlfriend and I will be traveling to Italy in September and ending the trip with four nights in Rome. I appreciate how Rick has grouped some of the most popular Ancient Rome attractions into the "Caeser Shuffle" (Colosseum to the Roman Forum, over Capitoline Hill w/ stop at Museums and on to the Pantheon). It seems like a good route and a convenient way to group these sites. However, even if we start as early as possible at the Colosseum, there's still no way to do this route without reaching the Pantheon sometime around midday when it will be the most crowded... which makes me slightly more confused as to Rick's suggestion for grouping these sights.

Is it worth splitting up these sites into different days? Maybe doing everything but the Pantheon on one day and then doing the Pantheon as early as possible on a different morning? Or reversing the "shuffle" and starting at the Pantheon and then taking a siesta and doing the Colosseum later in the evening after the crowds have slightly decreased?

Curious to know what folks think. Thank you!

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Since you'll be there in the middle of your walk anyway you might as well stop and see how busy it is/how long the line is. If it's too long for you, shuffle along and come back in the morning.

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Presumably his plan is aimed at those with limited time. If your time is less limited there is really no reason to stick to the plan. Spend your time as you like.

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Gerri, Thanks for your suggestion for Nate. We’re going to be in Rome for our first time in Oct for 2 nights at the start of our trip and 3 nights at the end of our 3 week northern Italy trip. We’ve been to Italy 3 times before but never to Rome. We’ll have 3 full days and staying in RS’s ‘Ancient Rome’ area and only plan to walk around so your suggestion to start with Trevi in the early morning sounds good. It looks to be about 12 minute walk from our hotel. At the moment, we only plan to walk or taxi to the area around our hotels so we should cover Trevi / Pantheon down to Colosseum / Palantine Hill over the 3 days.
We might do Trevi the first afternoon / evening as we arrive at about noon after a 10 hour flight depending on how jet lagged we are and how comfortable we feel walking around Rome in the afternoon / evening.

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Thank you all for your input, I really appreciate it! I think we're going to split it up and do the Pantheon separately following a super early morning visit to the Trevi Fountain. Thanks again!

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Have you taken a look at Domus Aurea? It’s Nero’s Golden Palace and an ongoing archeological site. It’s basically right across the street from the Colosseum and the tour covers what came before the Colosseum, etc.. They used to only be open for tours on the weekend because it’s a working site, but they’ve added Thursday and Friday dates. Have a great trip!