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Buying small glass chandelier in Venice/Murano- How much?

I'm just wondering if someone can give me an idea of the prices of a small chandelier in Venice. I'm looking for something you'd see in a home magazine that would go over a desk or something small... not for a full room necessarily. There was one in our Home Depot Expo store that was about $1400.

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If you go in the off season you will find significantly cheaper prices - at least on the island of Murano. We wandered in to a very empty glass store on Murano in March 2007. We were admiring an extremely ornate and large chandelier when the merchant offered it to us for 700Euro. That price included packing, shipping and insurance. It was a very nice piece with 6 lights.

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You will find everything from cheap to expensive - and the quality will go along with the price. If you find what you want - get it. We didn't and regretted it for ten years. When we returned we found a similar piece but it wasn't "the same" as the one we had fallen in love with years earlier.

Be sure and shop shop shop then go back and get your favorite.

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If you mean Murano glass chandeliers they start around equiv to $500 (small)and go way up from there. I looked alot and thought the cost did not warrant the shipping etc. The island of Murano has many stores with the best selections. If you see something you love and can afford the price get it.
the prices in Venice were alot higher and more ornate in general. I even looked at a local lighting store on the road to Venice near Padua but the selection was poor. check your selection carefully as htey are so fragile.

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If I am not too late in my reply, may I suggest a beautiful shop on the island. Giemme Luci is located at Punto Vendita Av. Mazzego - F.ta Cavour 22. Telephone 041/739095. The shopkeep speaks English and they can custom make a piece for you. If you don't have time to wait for a custom piece, I am sure they will sell you something off the floor. Compared to most of Murano, I found the prices very reasonable, but it will depend on how many "flutes" or "shades" you are looking at. I found a wonderful desk lamp for only 175 Euro. This is a hand blown, hand crafted item and is exquisit. I hope you find the perfect piece for your home. Ciao!