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buying shoes in italy

I have a narrow foot and have found Italian brands (Amalfi, Sesto Meucci, Rangoni) here that fit well. Are they available in Italy? I haven't had any luck getting info from the 'net. Thanks, GW, posters.

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We just spent two weeks travelling around Italy and we saw loads of shoe stores. They were not cheap, but you should not have any trouble finding shoes to buy in Italy!

Tom & Sherry - Steger, IL

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Cary I too have narrow feet and pancake thin feet (not flat footed). I too have found the brands you mentioned here in the States but will be looking for shoes in Italy also so I would appreciate any others who have found narrow shoes while in Italy. I have had problems all my life finding cute, stylish shoes for my long, skinny feet.

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Your foot is perfect for the Italian shoe. It is generally cut more narrow than a USA shoe. If I can recommend a brand, look at the Bruno Magli shoes. They are classy, elegant, and very well-made. I wore my Bruno Magli shoes for over 10 years and had to throw them out because they were falling apart from constant wear. BTW, You'll find these shoes in this country, but you'll get a better selection in Italy. There are other brands in Italy that are not sold in this country. Just try them on & let the salesperson help you. Have fun shoe shopping!

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Thanks, GW posters. Do the individual brands have their own shops, or are there stores that carry sev brands?

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I wasn't looking for shoes specifically but the stores I did window shop in had several brands. I'm sure some brands have their own stores but I must admit I didn't notice any. There were lots of shoe shops so I'm sure you'll find something you like.

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how's Italy on odd sizes? i have small feet with narrow heels and really wide at the toes.

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Hee hee... We were in Positano this year and one of my goals was to get sandals made. I have wide feet. I told the sandal maker that I wear a size 8. He sat me down and started plopping his bases (the bottom of the sandal) down next to my feet. He'd mutter and mutter and kept trying different bases... FInally he went inside his shop and brought out a whole box of them!!! He muttered and muttered as only a frustrated Italian can do. I ended up with sandals - but the base isn't QUITE wide enough. But I love them because they were made for me in Positano!

Narrow feet rule in Italy. Have fun shopping!!!