Hello, I will be in Amalfi for a month but need to go to Positano everyday How long does it take to get from Amalfi to Positano on the bus?
how much does it cost? What is the best way to travel back and forth for a month? Thanks - Dianne

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Here's a link to the current bus schedule (note that this schedule is valid only through 15 September): http://www.sitasudtrasporti.it/public/tpl/campania/5070.pdf Note that the inbound bus stop in Positano is at a different location than the outbound stop. Another option is the ferry. Downside of the ferry is that you'll disembark at the waterline and - especially in Positano - you may be faced with a steep uphill walk. Ferry schedules may be cut back significantly in fall and winter.
Here's a link with some schedule info: http://www.theamalficoast.net/amalfi/english/amalfi_coast_ferries.html