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Bus Schedule From Montepulciano To Chiusi-Chianciano Terme

Hello - I'm planning a day trip from Rome to Monetepulciano.

I cannot find the bus schedule from Chiusi-Chianciano Terme to Montepulciano.

I'd like to plan ahead and know what is the earliest train I can take from Rome to Chiusi-Chianciano Terme and then the latest train home.

Does anyone know the name of the bus stops to use and the timetable. It'll be on a Monday.

Thank you

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Re trains Just pick "Roma Tutte le stazioni" as departure station and 3 or 4 AM as departure time. Use any Monday before December 12 as day of travel.

If you want to leave from Chiusi after 18, use 18 as departure time to the Rome station of your choice. The last train of the day will be shown right before the first train of the following day.

Those buses are run by
I'd just use Google Maps, but if you prefer The official site the route planner is in the home page. The arrival stop depends on where you are going in the village, if you don't know enter Autostazione (bus station).

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Looks like you should get up early as the buses from Chiusi-Cianciano Terme are mostly until 8:30 am, so you need to get the 6:06 train out of Termini getting to Ch-Ci Terme at 7:55 to get the 8:08 bus to Montepulciano. If you take a later train, you'll be stuck at Ch-Ci T until after 11:00 waiting for the next bus to Montepulciano. Bus takes about an hour.

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With just a day trip, I’d recommend taking a taxi from the Chuisi train station. We did that and it was about €50 in 2020. We arranged for the same cab driver to pick us up 5 days later. For a day trip the time saved with a taxi might be worth the money.