Bus or Train? (Rome-Siena-Florence-Venice)

Don't know why I'm finding this so hard - normally I don't have these issues with planning a trip!

Rome to Siena -- bus or train?

Siena to Florence -- bus or train?

Siena to Venice -- bus or train?

I know you can go either way, but which is cheaper and faster and easier?



Posted by Henry
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Train http://www.trenitalia.com/en/index.html

Bus http://www.sena.it/

From Rome to Siena the bus is the best bet because it is cheaper and easier. Both train and bus take about 3 hours but with the train you have to switch trains at Chiusi then get from the Siena train station, which is about 2km outside of town, to the center. The Bus stop is at the center.

Siena to Florence the bus is faster and easier. The cost is about the same. To take the train you have to get to Siena railstation 2km outside of town. The bus and rail station in Florence are next to each other.

I don't know of a bus to Venice because it is too darn far to go from Siena. The train will be more comfortable.

Posted by Derik
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We're in Italy right now and have done the train to every destination you've listed. All have been super comfortable and sir-conditioned. I'd take the train and relax.

Posted by Ken
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Susan, to add to the previous posts, these would be my suggestions:

Rome to Siena - Bus would probably be the best option if time isn't a factor, as it will drop you in the centre of town (as opposed to the bottom of the hill, where you'll have to take a Taxi to get into town). Check www.sena.it for Bus information.

Siena to Florence - definitely Bus! The Bus depot in Florence is almost right next to Firenze S.M.N. station, and it's a very easy trip.

Siena to Venice - do you mean Florence to Venice? If that's correct then definitely Train! There are several trains each day, and the travel time from Firenze SMN is about 2H 40 M. Note that reservations are often compulsory on that route. When you arrive at Venezia Santa Lucia, walk out through the glass doors, down the steps and you'll be at the canal. Check Rick's books for which Vaporetti are the best (No. 1?).

I didn't address the question of "cheaper or faster", but rather focussed on the easiest method, regardless of cost. I don't think the cost will be a factor for these three short journeys.

Happy travels!

Posted by Betty
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Rome to Siena, the bus trip is through beautiful landscape! I sat in the front seat and drank it all in. I'd get tickets from a travel agency in Italy. They are so helpful in getting things just right.

Siena to Florence - bus.

Siena to Venice - train.

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FYI it looks like there is no SENA bus service from Siena to Rome on Sunday.

Posted by Doug
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No need to revive a very old post with misinformation. There are 8 buses from Siena to Rome on Sundays.

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I agree with Henry in the first reply: it's most convenient to take the bus from Rome to Siena (3 hours+) and from Siena - Florence (the express bus takes one and a quarter hours). For Siena to Venice, take the train. Bus tickets are affordable and it's a comfortable ride. Rome-Siena buses are operated by the SENA company and Siena-Florence buses by SITA. The SENA bus terminus in Rome is at Tiburtina station, which has train and metro connections to the rest of the city.